Thursday, March 7

Mee Bandung oh Mee Bandung

I had cravings for Mee Bandung last week. My friend Eddy suggested to try at one restaurant, Mee Bandung Muar, located next to Restaurant Haslam (well, there's a small magazine store in between) nearby the Tawakkal Hospital, Bulatan Pahang.

My thought: I would love it more if they use fresh prawns, so that there's sweetness in the gravy. Overall, the mee bandung is good and taste well. And to have dinner with family: priceless :)


Saturday, March 2

Chillin' Chili's

Kimi, my brother who live with me for the past 7 years, has promised for an eating session at Chili's One Utama. One Utama because its nextdoor to my office. Since he work evening shift these 2 weeks, he decided to have lunch today, as promised, at Chili's. Its good to have a brother who knows when to pamper a sister ~ especially right after a month-end closing. Well, it doesn't mean I did not feed myself with good food anyway :)

Kimi had mango juice and I ordered ice lemon tea. Drinks are bottomless ~ they are free flow. Kimi wanted to eat fish so he ordered FC Dory. I didn't know what to eat, hence I asked the waiter what is recommended if I want to have chicken. He said, "you should try the Monterey Chicken®". I think asking what is good, is definitely a good move. I enjoyed my meal (and as always, I have Kimi to finish the thick chicken). I love the juicy breast meat, fresh veggies and the loaded creamy mashed potatoes. And finally we had the yummmmy Molten Chocolate Cake and this is the reason why I am still sleepy [and stucked without starting my work to at least analyze 2 issues today].




My thought: Chili's serve nice food indeed, though you have to pay for an equivalent price. For pampering session, why not?

1 Utama Shopping Centre.

Mango Juice RM8.95
Ice lemon Tea RM7.95
FC Dory RM28.95
Monterey Chicken RM28.95
Molten Choc Cake RM19.95

Monday, February 25

Chillax Sunday Part 2

Kimi and I went to Sentul to fetch our beloved sisters Elly and Lin. I still have my RM80 voucher for Austin Chase, so we went to The Intermark for tea. It was quite frustrating as no pasta served at this branch. They only offer sandwiches, cakes and pastries. They can't cook because the restaurant is inside Double Tree by Hilton hotel. It was definitely a good catching-up time with sisters.



My thought: Once a while, meet and dine out with family can be a good stress-reliever too.

Austin Chase
Lot 128 Level 1, The Intermark
182 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Oreo Cheese Cake RM13.90
Smoked Salmon Sandwich RM16.90
Seatle's Club Sandwich RM19.90
Toast and Baked Bean Set + Frappe RM16.00
Ice Blended Strawberry Mocha Cookie RM17.50
Warm water RM1.00/glass

Sunday, February 24

Chillax Sunday :)

Sunday morning. It has been ages since we last had breakfast at Olden Days, TTDI. Before sending me off to office, Kimi had white coffee cravings, hence we went to Taman Tun Dr Ismail for breakfast, or brunch I must say. Curry mee for me and dried curry mee for Kimi.




My thoughts: the white coffee always makes you craving for more :). The curry mee has some missing taste (I think they have new cook), hence I added the sambal nasi lemak, and automatically it tastes better.

Olden Days Ipoh White Coffee
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur

Curry Mee RM6.80
Dry curry Mee RM7.50
Hazelnut white Coffee RM4.00
Orange White Coffee RM4.00
Butter & Kaya toast RM2.00